"APAX'POWER" is a new e-Scooter and e-Vehicle brand name in JAPAN. It is the new group that a project,development and Manufacture sell new e-Scooter,


It is the aggregate of the local professional"manufacturing" Craftsman of each in the whole JAPAN A local craftsman concentrates, and an information exchange and Discus is done, and wisdom and technology are contributed, and establishment is prepared now.


At present,ORIENTAL CO.,LTD represents it and it is managed the corporation or association somewhat become groups soon, and each officer is elected.


Develop the project of the new articles.

it arranges for manufacture.

We are make,test,imprves all that everyone plans trial production


Beginning,We make in Japan.

Then, Japan, China, Taiwan are in charge of us in consideration of the cost in each special factory APAX'POWER exclusive use part exclusive use design.

Supply a part, and it isn't only assembled.

Even a detailed part is our APAX'POWER original.


It looks the same another e-Scooter.but,"JAPANESE Spirits"is set in the Our APAX'POWER e-Scooter.


APAX'POWER is the aggregate brand of the Japanese craftsman spirits.


But,We must think about a cost.

So,a special factory was built in China Wuxi city(near Shang hai)

This factory make frame,and the body,for mass production.

Of course,100% is the company of the our's(Japanese investment)

It is a special factory for APAX'POWER.not OEM factory.

We always quality control it by turns.


It can be always visiting.


Make the electric part, the motor(POWER train ASSY) the controller,battery and the wire harness in TAIWAN.

Send wire harness to the our CHINA factory,and assemble.

Send another electric part to JAPAN.

Then, Assemble it in Japan finally.



When it is sold in your country.

The way of sending a part from Taiwan and China and Japan to be the same and assembling it is possible, too.


We have one more proposal to more low cost make of the e-Scooter We make one more brand of the low cost edition.



This name is "ZOQ"brand.


At present, an electric part is supplied in JAPAN and TAIWAN

A price can be make low supplying all of in CHINA.

Basic design and quality control are the same.

Of course, even the one made in China doesn't use the thing whose quality is bad.


We make arrangements so that it can supply it in the price range fitted to your country.


This is the new-style power train.

TAIWAN big motor maker and joint development for APAX'POWER.

It succeeded in drawing the performance of the motor with a combination of the motor with the outside and CVT fully.

(application for a patent)


It is the power train which APAX'POWER which can show equal performance (a feeling, extreme high speed and acceleration) with 600w being made the condition of a gasoline engine 50cc equivalent has confidence to and to suggest.


*50cc gasoline engine equivalent 600w in Japanese law.

The output power of hope can be changed your request.



GENERATOR with brake

The our power train change generator when an accelerator is returned or braking.

It is the function to electric charge for battery!



A back function is added.

It can go back as to the motorcycle.

If you in to thin alley,but can turn easily.



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